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Inpatient DM Team

Page history last edited by Robert Rushakoff, MD 14 years, 1 month ago

Inpatient DM Team Group Directory


Name Number Email Title/Responsibilities Other Info
Umesh Masharani, MD   Umesh.Masharani@ucsf.edu  co-chair  
Robert Rushakoff, MD 4158853868 robert.rushakoff@ucsf.edu co-chair  
Mary Sullivan, RN   Mary.Sullivan@ucsfmedctr.org    
Adrienne Green, MD    Adrienne.Green@ucsfmedctr.org     
Lisa Kroon,  PharmD   kroonl@pharmacy.ucsf.edu     
Yvonne Abelon, RN    Yvonne.Abelon@ucsf.edu     
Bonnie Kimmel, MD   Bonnie.Kimmel@ucsf.edu    
Rosanne Rappazini   Rosanne.Rappazini@ucsfmedctr.org    
Mary Petrofsky, RN   Mary.Petrofsky@ucsf.edu    
Danielle Krieger, RN   Danielle.Krieger@ucsfmedctr.org     
Shelly Pepper, RN   Shelley.Pepper@ucsfmedctr.org     
Cass Piper    Cass.Piper@ucsfmedctr.org     
Rebecca Nessel, MD   Rebecca.Nessel@ucsf.edu    
Molly Killion, RN   Molly.Killion@ucsfmedctr.org    
Craig Johnson, RN   Craig.Johnson@ucsfmedctr.org    
Alejandra Casillas, MD   Alejandra.Casillas@ucsf.edu     
Jessica Ehrenreich, RN   Jessica.Ehrenreich@ucsfmedctr.org    
Shirley Siao   Shirley.Siao@ucsfmedctr.org    




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